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Black Thought

"Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true." -Susan L. Taylor

Black Thought

Selma Burke


If you have a dime in your pocket, pull it out and take a look at it. The side profile of president Franklin D. Roosevelt was done by a black sculptress, Selma Burke. She competed in a national contest to win a commission for the sculpture, created from sketches made during a 45-minute sitting with Roosevelt at the White House; only for the U.S. Treasury Department to use her image on a real life piece of U.S. currency and NEVER give her credit. Imagine creating an image that literally almost EVERY American has a copy of in their possession, and not receiving credit for it! Incredulous! The 3.5-by-2.5-foot plaque still hangs in Recorder of Deeds Building in Washington, D.C..

Kandice Hill