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Black Thought

"Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true." -Susan L. Taylor

Black Thought



The global admiration, influence, and fascination of all things related to Egypt, specifically the culture of the Ancient Egyptians, has been a staple in developed countries for centuries. Their (Ancient Egyptians) contribution to the world is indisputable and revered so much so, that some of the most celebrated anthropologist and educators throughout history have attempted to align themselves racially with this group of super humans. Ignorantly, debates still hold strong intending to prove or disprove if people from this country are ‘truly’ of African descent; despite the unmistakable and unanimously agreed upon fact that Egypt is and always has been right dab on the continent Africa. The countries that neighbor Egypt, Libya and Sudan are absolutely considered places of African origin, yet somehow Egypt is not. The logic behind this makes absolutely no sense, other than RACISM. It is easier to believe something that geographically makes no sense than to believe that Black Africans were architects, scientist and philosophers prior to the rise of Greek civilization.  

It seems that everyone wants to be as great as the Ancient Egyptians were; between the 1500’s through the early 1900s European people ate the corpses of Egyptian mummies, believing it would cure them of all their illnesses. Yes, they ate them the same way you’d eat a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. 

The Arabs, that foolish black people love to believe are what the original people of Egypt looked like, broke into thousands upon thousands of sarcophagi, sectioning the corpses by body part. 

They then would proceed to ‘grind’ the body and char it so that it would turn into a ‘powder’ like substance. To mask the taste of decomposed human flesh, they mixed it with alcohol or chocolate.

The idea was different parts of the body cured the afflicted ailment, example: if you have a headache, eating parts of an Egyptians head would improve your condition.

The linen bandages that the Egyptians were wrapped in pre burial were left on the mummified corpse in the ‘grinding’ process, because they believed it had absorbed the ‘nutrients’ of the flesh; therefore would further serve to improve ones health. 

The Arabs who did the ‘dirty’ work (breaking into graves, grinding bodies, selling bodies) would just use the corpses of executed prisoners if they couldn’t access the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, and sale them off as if they were such. 


If you don’t believe anything I’ve written (you shouldn’t), go google it yourself. There’s an entire Wikipedia page for the subject under ‘Mummia’ (<—-click to read further). Go have a look at it. 

In ‘Get Out’, the genius of Jordan Peele wasn’t in that underdeveloped script, or basic plot. The message that he exposed and layered with social ostracism was clear: the body parts of Africans and people of African descent have LONG been harvested and used for medicinal reasons by others; and if you look at the statistics for missing black people it will SCARE YOU TO DEATH. Do you think it’s just a coincidence the media doesn’t cover the stories? This is done by design. What does all of this tell you about us? Who are we? 

Look up above.

Apothecary vessel for    mummia    at the German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg, Germany.

Apothecary vessel for mummia at the German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg, Germany.