sometimes i write. sometimes i do other shit.

Relation of Man

I bear witness to the relations of mankind 

Noticing many un-parallels 

Confused by global genocide orchestrated by lost souls 

Dreams turn to nightmares as the hunger for dead presidents progresses

The sound of destruction rings in our ears, but we refuse to hear the frequency 

Deceived by the misperception of equality causing us to fall prey to living in harsh realities as the sleep becomes awaken to the mass production of righteousness 

Give birth to a movement, which leads the chosen to be indestructible in the path of divinity when prophecy is clearly revealed 

Its only a matter of time, the nightmares turn into sweet dreams and the orchestration of genocide becomes the tool for liberation 

Time is ticking and the most high is calling lend your ears the end is approaching

Jeffrey Singleton, Jr.