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sensual darkness

A long awaited night of being in your presence has finally been fulfilled. The moon is full, its energy surging throughout my body. Yet here I am attempting to contain my deep yearnings for your powerful touch. As we walk along the sand, the sounds of the ocean waves crashing upon the shore have me reminiscent of your thrust when you're within me. 

As you speak, your deep baritone voice sends chills down my spine. We come to a life guard stand and take the moment to enjoy the scenery before us. The masculine smell of your cologne surpasses my nostrils as the wind blows drawing me closer to you. Gazing upon one another's eyes, you grab me by my waist pulling me so close to you. I can feel your heart beating. I'm taken aback by his forceful way of endearment. 

He grabs my face biting my lips followed by deep sensual kissing. His hand aggressively yet sensually grabbing and pulling my hair as he slowly grinds his rock hard dick against me. I feel my Love soaking through my satin panties. As he yanks my head back he bites and sucks all over my neck and pushes me against the rails of the lifeguard stand. Impatient, he rips off my shirt and bra, sucking then sibling graciously on my pierced nipples. As I'm moaning with great pleasure, he works his way down to my warm juice filled pussy and teases me so immensely by eating ‘her’ through my skin tight leggings. I anxiously stop him and remove them. Without hesitation he forcibly pushed me over the rail and shoves his thick long powerful hurricane tongue inside of my love. Long hard sucks upon my clit as his hands spread my ass apart. Deep thrust of his tongue in and out of my love, driving me insane with ridiculous amounts of pleasure. He proceeds to sucking and biting my love lips, followed with even more clitoral stimulus and then he suddenly took an elongated lick from my love to my ass. 

Oh my the great pleasure. Licking my ass and fingering my pussy I lost all control and begin to beg him to stop. Yet with no remorse he continues as I moan, scream and squirm. Faster and deeper his fingers go into me. Just as I was about to erupt he stopped. I attempted to turn around to see what’s wrong. 

As I lift my head to turn, he grabs my throat with his semi rough hand and forces his rock hard dick in me. Deep, gut wrenching, hard slow strokes he laid in me. My screams were mere music to his ears. Pound after pound my screams turned to moans, and from moans to cries of immense passion. The sounds of him growling in my ear drove me wild, I began to climax unlike anything I've ever felt in my life. My love tightens around his thick long hard dick as he continues to stroke hitting my G Spot I screamed as my body trembled and my sweet nectar shot all over him. He picks up the speed while thrusting deep as I beg him to stop. 

Covering my mouth with his hand, he says “shut the fuck up and take this dick.”

Still screaming with my mouth covered with his hand, I begin to orgasm yet again with tears streaming down my face. He stops mid stroke to turn me around and kiss me as he lifts me up off the ground and reenters me to finish where he had left off. 

Forcing me to look into his eyes I try to hold my composure as I lick and bite my lips. 

He says “Who’s your man?”

I reply, “You are!”

He then asks, “Who’s daddies favorite dirty bitch?”

Lost in the moment, ready to climax yet again, I don’t answer. He strokes harder and asks again, 

“WHO’S DADDIES FAVORITE DIRTY BITCH?” With great alpha male force in his tone. 

I yell out, “Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuck I’m daddies favorite dirty bitch!”  

In that moment we both had climax at the same time. Leaving us both weak and in desperate need of a refreshment. After regaining our strength we redressed. He apologizes with a devilish grin for ripping off my top and bra, then covers me with his jacket. As we walk back to the car in silence, his arm is draped over my shoulders just like the gentle beast that he is. He opens then car door and closes it after I’m safely inside. During the drive home his hand rests firmly between my thighs as I caress his head. Once we had arrive at my place, he walks me to my door, kisses my forehead and says quietly,

“Until next time.” 

I smile and say, 

“Yes love, indeed.”

-Lady Kryptonite-