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everything, everything

The instant her Learjet landed on the tarmac at Laguardia airport, her head started to throb, in the slightest bit. The thumping rhythm that resided in the center of her forehead was as familiar, as it was unwelcome. Immediately she raised her hand beckoning for her butler, who she called 'Thing One Thing Two', to retrieve her large glass bowl of unwrapped, red Starbursts. She popped one in her mouth, closed her eyes for a moment and instantly felt better. She'd need to keep a stash of these in the pockets of her Oshkosh jeans, so she could discreetly chew on one when her mother wasn't paying attention later on. Once the pilot gave them the ok to exit, she slipped on her neon pink Vans that she'd worn consistently in her time away. These weren't her favorites by far, however these were the only shoes that didn't have laces on them and that made them perfect for an independent 5yr old; that hadn't mastered tying her shoe laces yet. For three long weeks Blue Ivy Carter had been on the go, away from NYC, her parents, and....the twins. She popped another red starburst just thinking about the two, Rumi and Sir. Sighs. 

The last month of her mothers pregnancy was a complete disaster. The entire house reeked of Popeyes chicken, and Red Rooster hot sauce. Her mothers food cravings had gotten out of control. And honestly, they disgusted her. Watching her mother douse spicy battered legs and thighs in the red, pungent, vinegar smelling sauce repulsed her. She prayed that wasn't what her diet had consisted of when Blue resided inside of her womb. Yuck. Her father was equally annoying. After months of begging her for a feature, Blue finally agreed to do one song, just so he could stop asking her. 

After that she packed up her Lion King bag, and went to visit grandma Tina and Richard in California. In the one week she’d stayed with them, they'd gone to Costco at least six times and tasted every free sample offered. Her bags were packed again. 

From there she left to spend a week catching up with her friend, North West in Calabasas. But North's dad was too strange for Blues comfort. He would paint his face like a circus clown, and recite raps to himself, about himself , all over the house dressed in leather motorcycle pants. He scared Blue. She left there after just one night. 

Witnessing how strange North's father was, and how much time her mom spent finding the right light to take selfies of herself, Blue realized her parents weren't that bad after all. She had her lawyers give them a call, and negotiate on her behalf that if she was allowed an equal influence on the twins, and that her mom would stop leaving bottles of hot sauce all over the mansion, she would return home. They agreed, and that's where Blue was on her way to: home 

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